Meet the Team: Sam B.


Who are you?

Sam Baker. I'm that sweet-sweet baby-faced programmer boy for the ShelfLife project! :)


What games or stories inspire you?

I find Dark Souls and Undertale’s ability to tell stories indirectly through items and world exploration pretty inspiring. This kind of technique means I have to find the story myself instead of just being given it, which makes it so much more rewarding.

What's your ideal breakfast?

Because I'm your classic millennial, avocado on toast (w/ lemon juice + salt n' pepper). Although it would *ideal* if a young Matthew McConaughey were eating with me.

What are some characters you really like?

Frank Reynolds from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Danny DeVito is truly a master of his craft.

I also love Wirt from Over the Garden Wall. I just find him very endearing and relatable (both the good and the bad).


What's your favourite song?

Bob Dylan’s' Visions of Johanna.


What is your favourite and least favourite trope/cliche?

My Favourite trope is where the theme music starts playing just as something kick-ass is about to happen. Hell yeah.

My least favourite trope is when lasting conflict is caused by a misunderstanding that could *easily* be explained. Like; “Uhh wait no, it’s not what it looks like, don't leave noooooo". It's just lazy writing.

You're pretty cool, do you want to come for dinner sometime?

Yes & Yes. Let’s slam some vego snags outside a Bunnings. Aaaand I’ve just realized no one outside of New Zealand/Australia will get this crappy joke.


What do we need to see more of?

Some basic compassion and kindness towards one another would be great.
Please & thank you.