Meet the Team: Martin S.


Who are you?

I'm Martin Sagadin, I am a genderqueer film & music video director. I like a good boogie, playing & sometimes producing cool video games with my cool friends.


What games or stories inspire you?

My favourite games are Shadow of the Colossus & Inside. They are the best examples of art that couldn't work in any other form other than a game. I love the feeling when a game questions the free will of the player. Papers Please is another great example of this.

What's your ideal breakfast?

Oats with berries & nuts. A simple monk's meal.

What are some characters you really like?

I love non-heroes. Characters who are complex enough that they cannot be put in a simple box. They are rare in video games, but I feel the main character in Shadow of Colossus is one of them. It is hard to pinpoint their motivations and whether what they are doing is morally sound. This in turn questions the player's own sense of morality & accountability.


What's your favourite song?

Distortion by Mount Eerie - the whole world is contained in that one song.


What is your favourite and least favourite trope/cliche?

I love the "seeing yourself dead in your dream" trope - like in Wild Strawberries. It is so cheesy, but at the same time quite profound. If used well, it can perfectly illustrate the transcendent quality of dreams and the way the mind questions itself even on a subconscious level.

I hate "the main character knows the secret, but nobody will believe them." It often reveals the writer's sense of superiority and usually results in lazy writing.

You're pretty cool, do you want to come for dinner sometime?

Hell yeah. What can I bring? I make a solid pasta.


What do we need to see more of?

Queer representation in films & games boiii. Where doing it man. Where MAKING THIS HAPEN