Meet the Team: Pickle Darling (Lukas M.)


Who are you?

I'm Pickle Darling and I make songs because it is cool and fun.


What games or stories inspire you?

My favourite game is Machinarium cause it feels a lot like a lot of my favourite albums. It's a really lonely game but also full of warmth and the soundtrack feels really human and sad and clumsy.

What's your ideal breakfast?

Courgette pancakes, Martin just made me one just now and i am eating it.

What are some characters you really like?

I like characters that behave in a way that is believable and relatable. Like, characters that react in the same way the player or audience would if they were in their situation. When these kind of characters feel anxious or naive or conflicted or sad it feels true, and we get to experience these feelings alongside the character naturally.


What's your favourite song?

Wilco - 'One Sunday Morning'


What is your favourite and least favourite trope/cliche?

I dunno if it's a trope but I like dumb dry humour in lyrics, where any magic gets kinda deflated and it's kinda fun to do.

I hate songs or poems where everything is symbolic and you have to treat it like a riddle. It feels real high school sometimes and I think a lot of people listen to lyrics thinking that's how they're supposed to dissect them but usually people write more intuitively. If you do that though that's ok you keep doing your thing.

You're pretty cool, do you want to come for dinner sometime?



What do we need to see more of?

People sharing cool wholesome nice inclusive validating stuff to young people cause I wish I had that in high school!